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When Sloughing Off is a Good Thing - Exfoliation

The process of exfoliation loosens and sloughs away dead skin cells on the epidermis or outer skin layer.  This naturally occurring process actually results in the sloughing off of old skin cells replaced by new ones every 28 days.  The cycle slows as we age.  Exfoliation treatments aide the natural process by providing the little assistance sometimes needed to remove stubborn dead skin cells.

It doesn't matter how much moisturizer you are slapping on your skin, if dead skin cells stand in the way of your skin absorbing all the benefits your moisturizer has to offer.  Pores clogged by the dead cells your skin has shed will lead to blackheads, a dry look and rough skin surface.  This is why regular exfoliation is the cornerstone of any effective skin care regimen. 

Key Exfoliation Methods
* Massage exfoliation can be performed with sugar, salt, poppy seeds, crushed almonds, maize flour, etc. 

* Enzymatic or chemical masks exfoliate without massage.  A natural approach is based on fruit enzymes such as pineapple, pumpkin, papaya and naseberry.  A glycolic peel is a clinical enzymatic exfoliation that uses a stronger chemical.  These enzymatic exfoliations make the skin tingle a bit as dead skin cells are loosened for removal.

* Microdermabrasion is a clinical approach that is highly effective in accelerating the benefits of exfoliation. The esthetician uses a microderm wand in cross-hatched type movements across different sections of the face which sloughs away dead skin while the microderm machine acts as a "gentle vacuum" to whisk away the dead skin cells.  There is no down time from this treatment.  Because it is highly effective in reducing the dead skin cover and revealing a new skin surface, microdermabrasion is advisable only in the Fall and Winter when our exposure to harmful UV rays is limited.

Which of these approaches is best for your skin is best determined by an experienced professional.  My  free consultation and recommendation can help you choose your path to these great exfoliation benefits:

* New cell regeneration
* Sloughs off stubborn dead skin cells
* Refines skin texture and adds vibrancy
* Unclogs pores to better absorb nutriants
* Helps prevent break-outs
* Reduces or heals red patches and rough, flakey patches
* Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
* Helps stimulate fibroblasts and collagen

Effecitive Exfoliation with Eminence Skin Care

Massage Approach: Cleanse your skin.  When skin is damp, apply the exfoliation mask.  Make sure to dilute the product.  Use light pressure, moving around the face in a gentle, circular motion.  Do not over work or scrub too hard and do not use around the eye area.  Eminence's scrubs include:

Almond Mineral

* Almond & Mineral

Rosehip & Maize Exfoliating Masque

* Rosehip and Maize
* Pear & Poppy Microderm Scrub

Enzymatic Mask: Cleanse your skin.  Dilute and apply a thin layer of Eminence's Yam & Pumpkin Enzyme Peel over your clean and dry face and neck.  Avoid the eye area or active acne lesions. Allow the mask to remain on the skin for 10-15 minutes. Gently massage with fingertips to loosen dead skin cells. Remove product using a towel soaked in cool water or tea. Follow with cotton pads soaked in Soothing Chamomile Tonique to deactivate the product. Rinse again with towels soaked in cool water.  Glycolic Treatments are performed by an esthetician.

Naseberry Eye Exfoliation Masque

Eminence's Naseberry Eye Exfoliation Masque is an enzymatic exfoliant gentle enough for the eye area.

Microdermabrasion: Uses special equipment for treatments performed by estheticians.  Ask about my microdermasion series for optimal results and special savings. 

Don't Forget Body Exfoliation
A great way to exfoliate the entire body is a sugar scrub.  Sugar scrubs are especially suited to delicate and sensitive skins, and they will not burn if you have little nicks or cuts, as a salt scrub can.  Try the various Eminence Sugar Scrubs:
Blueberry Soy
* Blueberry Soy

Cucumber Mint Scrub

* Cucumber Mint
* Cranberry Pomegranate
* Mimosa Champagne
* Coconut
* Pear & Green Apple

Follow Exfoliation with Effective Hydration
So slough away the dead skin cells to smooth your skin texture and enjoy your body's glow. As an added benefit exfoliated skin absorbs moisturizing body lotions much more efficiently!  Complete your new beginning with one of the Eminence Organinc Body Lotions:

Naseberry Body Lotion

* Naseberry    * Honeydew    * Watermelon Papaya
* Stone Crop    * Cinnamon Paprika